Artworks at Zibiru Restaurant is proud to present an exhibition of photography by artist Tomomi.

Tomomi represents reality in a timeless way. His photos could be from another era, a time when nature was unspoiled by man. Born in Europe, his work attempts to portray Indonesia in a simple yet unique way by transporting himself into the past and showing the present what we would be missing if society continues developing the way we are.

There is a strong sense of meditation in every picture—if human beings are present, they are always looking towards an infinite horizon. Sometimes a bird passes by; sometimes the moon, with its strong power, orchestrates the swinging movement of the ocean outside, of the oceans inside.

It’s a reminder to always respect and worship the infinite power by being present in every moment. Being really present, because that exact moment when the sun rises above the horizon will pass by very quickly and will never represent itself the same way again tomorrow.

Each print comes in editions of 10, signed and numbered in verso.

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