Mirna killed by professional

Mirna killed by professional

A forensic expert has claimed that Wayan Mirna Solihin was murdered by a professional killer, or at least not by someone completely untrained, and therefore the killer was unlikely sitting at her same table when she sipped from her allegedly cyanide poisoned coffee.

Reza Indragiri Amriel, a forensic lecturer at the Police Staff College (PTIK), said on Wednesday that the use of cyanide poison, a rare substance often used to commit suicide, indicated that the murderer had at least used extra efforts.

“Who is the killer? I suspect that the person is not a lay person and was not on the same table with the victim,” said Reza as reported by tempo.co on Wednesday.

Mirna, 27, died soon after she drank Vietnam coffee with two of her friends – Jessica and Hani – at Olivier Café at Grand Indonesia in Jakarta on Jan. 6.

According to Reza, the killer intentionally used the very poisonous substance in the hope that nothing could save the life of the victim. “Of course, the killer did not want to be at the location during the incident,” he added.

Therefore, he called on police to immediately uncover the mystery of Mirna’s murder. The police, according to Reza, need to monitor the sales of cyanide poison, including that sold through online trading.

Meanwhile, the Jakarta Police remain tight lipped over the cause of Mirna’s death after police investigators conducted raids at Jessica’s house.

Head of Jakarta Police crime division Sr. Comr. Krishna Murti stressed that the cause of death was not natural, but the police had not made any conclusions on whether she was murdered or not. “We are investigating the cause of the death and whether there was a crime element involved. If [one exists], we will find the suspect,” the police officer said.

Based on the investigation scene on Monday, Mirna, Hani and Jessica were at the café. Jessica came first and ordered a sazerac cocktail and a cold Vietnam coffee. Minutes after, Mirna and Hani came to the café and Mirna drank the coffee. “It’s awful. It’s bad,” Mirna commented, on the taste of the coffee.

After drinking, she suffered from convulsions and foamed at the mouth. She was rushed to the hospital, but died on arrival.

Source :The Jakarta Post



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