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archive-title Monthly Archives: February 2016

Monthly Archives: February 2016

Bali terror attack plan

AUSTRALIANS have been warned that terrorists might be in the “advanced stages of preparing attacks” in Indonesia and travellers are urged to take precautions, just days after a similar warning about neighbouring Malaysia. “Recent indications suggest that terrorists may be in the advanced stages of preparing attacks in Indonesia,” the Department of Foreign Affairs and […]

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Trial opens Sky Garden CM vs Australian

The trial has just begun for the Australian man who allegedly assaulted a manager of the popular Kuta nightclub, Sky Garden. Scott Dobson was greeted on Wednesday at Denpasar District Court with people chanting “deportasi” (deportation), Lauren Farror of AAP reports. The 53-year-old is accused of attacking Canadian Kenneth Wickes on Sept. 27, 2013, allegedly […]

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Batman V Superman Runtime Confirmed

It’s difficult to determine whether this duration will help or hurt Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. On one hand, if the film is handled properly audiences likely won’t even notice – which was the case with the first Avengers. If Zack Snyder tries to pack too many storylines, subplots, and threads for future films […]

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Aussies stranded in Bali after disastrous AirAsia flight

AS MANY as 300 Australian-bound passengers remain stranded in Bali after almost everything that could go wrong on their AirAsia flight, did. Flight D7206 left Kuala Lumpur for the Gold Coast on Monday afternoon but two hours into the trip a female passenger complained of severe stomach pain. The A330 had just passed over Bali […]

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AirAsia passengers stuck in Bali

Australians stuck in Bali Frustrated passengers on board an AirAsia flight scheduled to travel from Malaysia to Australia say they have been stranded in Bali for more than a day, after two separate medical emergencies and then immigration restrictions grounded their plane. Frustrated passengers on board an AirAsia flight scheduled to travel from Malaysia to […]

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