LPG is suspected caused of Pasar Badung mega fire

LPG is suspected caused of Pasar Badung mega fire

Denpasar Police have not yet publicly confirmed what started the tragically huge fire at traditional market Pasar Badung that sparked on Monday.
A statement was made by Denpasar Police Chief Anak Agung Made Sudana yesterday that police did not yet have the opportunity to conduct a thorough investigation of the scene, as much of Bali’s biggest and oldest traditional market was still very hot and shrouded in thick smoke.

“We do not dare to say what the cause was. Temperatures at the scene are still hot and the smoke from the remnants of the fire is still emerging, so the crime scene has not been done and maximized. Our officers do not yet venture into the market building. Wednesday morning, we are going to go back to the crime scene, because there are some points we have not been able to enter due the quite disturbing smoke,” Sudana said on Tuesday, as quoted by Tribun Bali.
Moreover, at 8 pm on Tuesday night, the fire appeared again at five points, despite having been extinguished, according to Tribun. Firefighters reportedly have had a long cooling process running. Additionally, to keep the scene intact and make sure there’s no looting or theft, police have reportedly been guarding the four-story pasar’s entrances.

Though police won’t yet confirmed the fire’s cause, some suspect a three kilogram LPG is to blame. One such green canister used for cooking, along with a stove, was reportedly found in the west stairwell of the first floor.
“Some say the source of the fire was from there,” Chief of Denpasar Police’s criminal investigation unit Reinhard Nainggolan said, as quoted by Tribun.
However, even with this finding, Sudana says he does not yet want to say it was the LPG that triggered the fire.
“Just wait for the lab investigation results, so we are not wrong,” Sudana added.
A previous Tribun Bali report had said the fire was believed to have been started by incense or an electrical short circuit, so we think it’s best to stick with Sudana on this one and wait for the investigation before we can be sure.

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