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archive-title Monthly Archives: March 2016

Monthly Archives: March 2016

LPG is suspected caused of Pasar Badung mega fire

Denpasar Police have not yet publicly confirmed what started the tragically huge fire at traditional market Pasar Badung that sparked on Monday. A statement was made by Denpasar Police Chief Anak Agung Made Sudana yesterday that police did not yet have the opportunity to conduct a thorough investigation of the scene, as much of Bali’s […]

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Real Baby Dragon

In a Slovenian cave only accessible by an underground train, scientists are eagerly awaiting the rare hatching of more than 57 “baby dragon” eggs. The “baby dragons” aren’t really dragons, but olms — ancient, blind salamanders that resemble the mythological creature, according to biologist Sašo Weldt, who studies the amphibians at Postojna Cave in Slovenia. […]

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Jessica to make her solo comeback!

Jessica Jung, the past member of Girls’ Generation, announced that she will be making her solo comeback. She recently signed a contract with Coridel Entertainment. Coridel Entertainment is based in New York City. After Jessica left Girls’ Generation, she started her own fashion business. She said during an interview with a fashion magazine, “I am […]

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