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archive-title Monthly Archives: April 2016

Monthly Archives: April 2016

Ubud underwear thief

An American tourist caused quite a stir when he stole something from an Ubud shop on Friday and hid out in a water tower after an angry crowd chased after him. It was originally reported that 21-year-old Noah Pardue stole celana, but it turns out he took celana dalam (inside pants aka underwear), which makes […]

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5 must-have apps in Indonesia

If you’re new to Indonesia the amount of smartphones might surprise you. It’s not uncommon for the standard Indonesian urbanite to have two smartphones in their pockets, and in every public space you’ll see that Indonesians are as transfixed to their mobile screens as the rest of the world. With smartphones come apps, and there […]

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The Amazing Race at Tanah Lot, Bali

The latest episode of the hit American TV reality show “ The Amazing Race ” featured Americans frantically wrapping pythons around their necks at Tanah Lot. Or the “snake temple” as the TV show called it, lol. Yes, Tanah Lot is known for its highly venomous yet non-confrontational sea snakes, but there aren’t just pythons […]

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Bali hotels need training to detect terror

The police have urged people working in the hospitality industry of Bali to help in the early detection of terrorist threats and thereby secure Bali’s status as a global tourism destination. Bali Police chief Insp. Gen. Sugeng Priyanto called for the preparedness of all human resources at hotels and restaurants on the popular holiday island. […]

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2 Balinese women epically carrying 50 kg of Pajegan

Two Balinese women showed some serious strength and will power in Gianyar for Kartini Day, commemorating the woman widely attributed as “Indonesia’s first feminist.” In a gesture to preserve their unique Balinese heritage, Ni Wayan Siki, 53, and Gusti Ayu Nyoman Mudiani, 42, both carried a tower of offerings (pajegan) on their heads to Samuantiga […]

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Fire rips through Padang Padang, Bali

Yet another fire has struck Bali, this time hitting the homestays along Padang Padang Beach on the Bukit Peninsula yesterday. Local Bali media has been slow to cover the fire, but images of the flames have been getting shared on Instagram and Facebook. Bali expat Steve Palmer shared several photos and video to Facebook, writing […]

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The Hydrant Bali lights up Las Vegas

#Repost @supermusic_id ・・・ Selamat pagi Las Vegas! Kami, The Hydrant, sebentar lagi menuju lokasi pertunjukan di Bienville Room di hotel kasino The Orleans, lokasi utama festival Viva Las Vegas. Perhatikan busana kami. Memang sengaja kami masukkan unsur Bali di sana-sini. Sebagaimana skena rockabilly Hispanik/orang-orang Amerika yang punya kaitan kultural dengan Spanyol yang mampu menyumbangkan identitas […]

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5 Advantages of savings accounts

Savings products have been around for so long just about everyone knows what they are and what benefits they give us. What we know for sure is that saving money is one way to manage and plan our future finances. A savings account may be the most interesting banking product as well as the easiest […]

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