Police arrest a babysitter suspected of abusing 11-month baby

Police arrest a babysitter suspected of abusing 11-month baby

Police have arrested a 23-year-old babysitter, who they suspect abused an 11-year old baby in her care.

The woman, Mutiah, was arrested on Tuesday in her hometown of Kampung Agung Timur, Kalirejo, East Lampung on Tuesday, a police officer said on Wednesday.

West Jakarta Police chief Sr. Comr. Rudy Hariyanto Adi Nogroho said the police received a report from the parents of the baby on Monday, who said that the babysitter had been returned to the Nurses & Baby Sitter agency in Depok, West Java, soon after the incident occurred two weeks ago.

However, when the police went to the agency, they were informed that Mutiah had returned to her hometown in Central Lampung, Lampung province.

The incident caught the public’s attention after the parents of the baby, posted a short video online that was taken by the CCTV camera in their house.

The incident allegedly occurred on May 24 in a bedroom of their house in Kebon Jeruk district, West Jakarta. In the CCTV footage, a woman is seen pushing and hitting the baby, causing him to fall off the bed.

Police said that Mutia had confessed that she treated the baby that way because he would not go to sleep. “She said she was tired, but the baby did not want to sleep. She tried to make the baby sleep but failed. She said she needed to take a rest and tidy the baby’s clothes,” Rudi added.

She reportedly admitted that she had treated the baby that way several times in the two and a half months she worked for the family.

She was accused of violating Article 76c and 80 of the Child Protection Law as well several articles of the Criminal Code. If found guilty she faces a maximum prison term of five years.

Source :The Jakarta Post