Bali Immigration Office Thwarts People-smuggling Attempt

Bali Immigration Office Thwarts People-smuggling Attempt

The Ngurah Rai Immigration Office in Bali has foiled a suspected attempt to smuggle six Bangladeshi nationals into Australia following the arrest of a Bangladeshi suspect, Mohammad Kawsirprodan, on Oct. 29.

Ngurah Rai Immigration head Ari Budijanto, said officers had intercepted the six Bangladeshis, who are reportedly being considered victims in the case, at the airport on Tuesday.

According to Ari, the six victims had been staying on the resort island for several weeks.

The people-smuggling plot was uncovered after immigration officers stopped Kawsirprodan, and found that the latter had a list of names and cash suspected to be the names of the victims.

Later, the officers told Kawsirprodan to contact the victims to gather at the airport.

“We need to question them further,” Ari said.

“From the initial information, they were only in transit in Indonesia and would continue their journey to Australia,” he added.

Kawsirprodan could be charged with violating Article 120 of the Immigration Law that carries five to 15 years imprisonment.

Source & image:thejakartapost

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