Bali hosts Bali Open Piano Competition 2017

Bali Open Piano Competition (BOPC) 2017 is entering its second day on September 24. The two-day event had its official start on the day before with the competition is being held at the ballroom of Padma Resort Legian, Kuta, Bali.

The tourism ministry’s head of man-made promotion Ni Putu Gayatri said that the event is going well amid the recent alert status of Mount Agung.

“Everything is going smoothly and in order,” said Ni Putu.

International and local pianists from Australia, South Korea, France, Singapore, Japan, Jakarta, Bandung, Pekanbaru, Semarang and Bogor were seen busy doing registration and tuning the grand piano on September 21, one day before the competition began.

The competition consists of 12 categories, divided into two groups: Six categories for ‘Free Choice’ group and another six for ‘Selection Choice’ group.

“[The participants] are competing with other countries who came here with their own piano teacher and family members,” said the event’s committee head, Eleonora Aprilita.

“Pianists from several countries, such as Australia, France, America, Japan, Korea, and Singapore, participate in the competition,” Aprilita states.

Aprilita noted that the event has attracted a lot of participants, especially foreign tourists with high spending.

“Participants are enthusiastic about joining this competition,” she added.

Each participant, she noted, will be escorted by its family. One pianist can bring at least five members of his family.

“They will book hotel rooms and visit tourism spots in Bali. Therefore, the competition will serve as a boost for the tourism industry in Bali,” she remarked.

The competition takes place in two rounds. In the preliminary round, participants must play one song. Participants selected in the next round must play one song. Songs played in the final round should not be the same as those played in the preliminary round.

“All participants will get a certificate,” she stated.

Then, the jury will announce three winners under each category. Winners will receive trophies, winning certificates, and prizes from the sponsors.

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