Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Will Be Visible from Bali

Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Will Be Visible from Bali

Total Lunar Eclipse ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ at the end of this January is said to be clearly visible to all regions in Indonesia, including Bali.

Residents of eastern part of Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali, Papua and surrounding area can witness the complete stages of the eclipse, while other regions can only see Total and Partial phases. Those who live in South America and Africa will not be able to see it at all.

The rare phenomenon will occur on 31 January and will last for 5 hours and 20.2 minutes, starting from 17:49 WIB to 23:09 WIB (6:49 pm to 00:09 am Bali time).

According to, the eclipse will reach its peak, that is when the Moon is closest to the center of the shadow, at 9:29 pm Bali time.

Head of BMKG Jambi Station, Nurangesti Widyastuti, explains that the rare occurrence combines three natural phenomena at the same time, namely Blue Moon, Super Moon, and Total Lunar Eclipse. The same rare event will takes place 152 years from today.

“Blue Moon or second full moon in one month is quite normal. But when it happens at the same time as total lunar eclipse, perhaps we can’t say its normal”, he said.

However, the beautiful natural phenomenon should be taken with caution as well.

As published on, Head of BMKG Dwikorita Karnawati said that when the earth’s position is in line with both the sun and the moon, it will cause their gravitational pull to be integrated.

As a result, the sea water tide would be at its highest point. The impact can be felt in regions with sloped shoreline, where the tide may flood the land.


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