Heritage City Tour, Foreign Tourists Learn to Plait Ketupat

Heritage City Tour, Foreign Tourists Learn to Plait Ketupat

Well, it is really fun and indeed absorbing! Travelling in Denpasar city through Heritage City Tour program can bring in unique experience. Every destination you visit reveals a long, classic and full of messages. Moreover, there are programs taking visitors to have a closer look at and learn Balinese culture that will certainly enrich travel experience on the Island of the Gods. This unique experience must be inherent throughout the ages because it is instilled with sincere sense bringing about ethics as well as a sense of brotherhood.

Look at the number of foreign tourists participating in the activities that take advantage of the activities of Heritage City Tour at Jero Kuta Palace and Belaluan hamlet area as the part of the Denpasar City Tour on Tuesday (Jan. 10). Dozens of tourists enjoyed a variety of cultural attractions usually done by Balinese people. By boarding a gig, the traditional means of transportation in Denpasar they look around existing objects, such as temples, palaces, and traditional markets.

After arriving at Jero Kuta Palace and Belaluan hamlet, the tourists are served with various art attractions such as dance, gamelan music to mejejahitan (offering preparation). They do not only see, but also take the opportunity to learn to dance, have mejejahitan (making canang oblation), plait ketupat (rice bag) and make penjor. “This has been running continuously in the Denpasar City Tour program,” said Kadek Jango Pramartha, a cartoonist of Denpasar from Belaluan Sadmertha hamlet posing the activity coordinator.

For this year, explained Jango, it is followed by 18 students from the University of Western Australia (UWA) with the program entitled ‘Bali Studio Visa 2270’ as an activity to know more about Bali taking place on January 8-18, 2018. “Previously, the foreign tourists get the opportunity to attend training and introducing to the activities at Sadmertha hamlet, such as painting, dancing, playing gamelan to activities with the involvement of local youth club,” he said.

Similar activities are also done at Jero Kuta Palace, Denpasar. However, it is begun with a melukat (purificatory rite) at Padang Galak followed by a cartoon presentation, learning to make offering at Jero Kuta Palace and saying prayers together at Maospahit Temple. “These Australian tourists would like to know more closely about the object of the Denpasar City Tour. They observe and study the architecture of the existing buildings and witness the people’s activities,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Denpasar Tourism Office, Dezire Mulyani, said the Denpasar City Tour area continues to be developed by Mayor Rai Mantra and Deputy Mayor Jaya Negara where one of them in the establishment of Denpasar Art  Space as an art exhibition venue by foreign tourists. Visitors can look around the city tour objects highlighting the architecture of temple, palace and market.

“Implementation of the tourism program in Denpasar City is inseparable from the participation of the whole community in terms of conservation activities, and strengthening the culture,infrastructure, sanitation, social, security and order to education,” she explained. (kmb)

Source: Bali Post International

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