Munduk Temu Offers a Cool Selfie Place

Munduk Temu Offers a Cool Selfie Place

Munduk Temu village is one of the villages in Tabanan developing a tourism village. The environment with plantation, farming area and beautiful view becomes added value to the village in Pupuan subdistrict. The new location under development to attract visitors is a beautiful place to take selfie.

Superiority of this selfie location lies in the beautiful scenery of the nature. Headman of the Munduk Temu, I Nyoman Wintara, said that Munduk Temu sits at an altitude of approximately 1,500 meters above sea level. It is beautiful because displays a landscape of green plantations. Not a few tourists have relatively long lived here. Meanwhile, some others just pass to perpetuate the beauty of the nature.

At the selfie location has been made a stage sizing 3×4 meter and winged boat ornament. In addition, the ornament resembles a cage that can be used to take pictures. Visitors coming here can also enjoy the local coffee brand of Munduk Temu, namely the Leak Coffee and local fruit such as mangosteen and sugar snakefruit.

Most visitors coming here, said Wiantara, are teenagers. Commonly they throng on weekends whose number can reach 200 people. In order to be able to take pictures at the location, visitors must give donation as much as IDR 5,000 per person. “Many visitors usually come here on weekends primarily at sunrise or sunset. They are mostly teenagers deliberately come here just to take selfie,” said Wintara.

Later on, this selfie location will be submitted by the tourism awareness group of local village or Pokdarwis given the task as the party to manage the area. “Later on, around the selfie location the village plans to develop a guest house that involves community participation,” added Wintara.

Prior to becoming a tourism village, Munduk Temu has also implemented organic and in-organic waste sorting. Other than sorting garbage, it also maintains environmental cleanliness. Munduk Temu village has applied a fine to those who throw garbage carelessly as of March 2018.

For Munduk Temu customary village, the penalty is IDR 250,000 while Kebon Jero customary village worth IDR 100,000. In the meantime, the administrative village imposes stricter sanctions, where it does not only impose fine but also social sanction. Photo of the perpetrators who throw garbage carelessly will be uploaded to social media owned by the village.

Source&image:Bali Travel News

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