Russian and Malaysian Arrivals Increase to Bali

Russian and Malaysian Arrivals Increase to Bali

Russian and Malaysian tourist numbers were up in January, while Chinese were down. “Russian tourists were up 4.53 percent from the same month a year before to a total of 12.989,” said the Head of Bali province Centre of Statistics (BPS), Adi Nugroho, at Denpasar on Monday. He told the number had increased significantly from the previous month. “There were only 9.501 visitors on Desember 2017,” he said.


Nugroho also added that the number of Malaysian tourists that visited Bali was 12.938 visitors, with the majority coming by plane and 917 by ship. This was an increase of 804 visitors 6.63 percent compare to the same month in 2017.

The Russian and Malaysian visits contributed 3.63 percent and 3.61 percent of the total foreign tourist arrivals to Bali during January 2018. The total was 358.065 visitors, and increase of 13.34 percent if compared to December 2017, which were 315.909 visitors. Adi Nugroho said that Russian and Malaysian numbers were the third and eight in the ranking of the top ten visitors’ countries to Bali.

In the first position, Australia was back with 24.20 percent then China with 13.15 percent, India with 8.10 percent, Japan with 3.97 percent, Britain 3.92 percent, and the US with 3.83 percent. Meanwhile, South Korea was ninth and Singapore tenth.

Source: Seminyak Times

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