Topeng Panca at Denpasar City

Topeng Panca at Denpasar City


The City of Denpasar’s Council of the Arts is preparing a presentation of “Topeng Panca” for the Mask Parade that will be part the prestigious Bali Arts Festival (PKB) that is in its 38th year. They showed themselves ready during a performance presented to the Province of Bali’s steering committee at Bali Banjar Kehen, in Kesiman Petilan Village, Denpasar last week. Denpasar Topeng Panca’ (five masks) group, Sekaa Gong Kencana Wiguna was given a chance to perform in the Bali Arts Festival.

Head of Sekaa Gong Kencana Wiguna, Putu Adi SUjana explained that the theme of this performance was “Pagubangan Warak” or “The Blood Spilling”. He also explained that the group only had a limited amount of time to rehearse because the short notice that they were given by the Municipal Government and also the difficulty in scheduling rehearsals with members of the group who live far away.

“This is the risk one takes when working with people with experience; on the other hand, there is no need to worry about the quality of the work. After this performance, we will evaluate the situation based on the directions given by the Provincial committee,” he said.

The group made all more interesting because Made Jimat is one of the organizers. Jimat is widely admired by the public for having played a pivotal role in the development of the Topeng Keras and Topeng Arsa Wijaya masked dances. Besides, Mayor of Denpasar’s representative IGN Jayanegara along with the City of Denpasar Department of Culture representative Dra. Ni Nyoman Sujati, MM also give their full support to Sekaa Gong Kencana Wiguna.


Source&image: Bali Post International

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