Bedengan, A Weekend Getaway for Nature Lovers in East Java

Bedengan, A Weekend Getaway for Nature Lovers in East Java

The weather was warm and inviting in Bedengan, a natural tourist destination, on May 13.  Several carefree tourists could be seen enjoying the view while sitting under the shade of the forest or playing around in a river surrounded by pine trees.

Colorful tents for visitors stood between the lush trees and the clear river. As a conveniently located campsite, Bedengan regularly serves as a place for students or communities to conduct activities.

Indeed, Bedengan, located in Malang, East Java, is not hard to find. To get there, visitors must go through the Selorejo tourist village in Dau district. At the edge of the village are orange farms owned by the locals. Bedengan, also popularly referred to as Bumi Perkemahan Bedengan (Bedengan Camping Ground), is located on the other side of the farms. From its entrance gate, visitors must walk on 200 meters of rocky path to reach the campsite.

Visitor Abdur Rosi told that he found the place very cozy during his visit that day and a nice alternative for a weekend getaway in nature.

“The surroundings are still well-preserved. It’s nice,” said Abdur, who went with his friends for a weekend of camping.

Another visitor, Eka Zubaida, shared the same sentiment. “The lush trees and the river make me happy,” she said.

To enter, visitors are required to pay Rp 3,000 (less than 50 cents) for parking and an additional Rp 10,000 per person if they want to camp on site.

Source&image: TheJakartaPost

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