Central Sulawesi’s TIOF to Present Spectacle Above the Sea

Central Sulawesi’s TIOF to Present Spectacle Above the Sea

Togean International Oceanic Festival (TIOF) is slated to be held from Aug. 7 to 11 at Togean islands, Tojo Unauna regency, Central Sulawesi. Franki Raden, representing TIOF organizer, said to The Jakarta Post that the team was finishing up some preparation. He went on to say that a number of activities had been scheduled, and that local and foreign guests had confirmed their attendance for the festival.

The TIOF is set to take place in three locations, namely Kabalutan, Malenge and Papan islands. Each island will perform their art and culture shows.

“A unique part of this festival is its venue in the middle of the ocean,” said Franki.

He went on to say that he felt Indonesia as an archipelago did not have enough signature maritime events; therefore, he expects that Togean islands can contribute to the list of maritime festivals in the country.

A number of activities in the TIOF include a food security program conducted by Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM), ocean-themed music performances, social activities for women, a talk show on seafood potential and a photo competition.

Deputy regent of Tojo Unauna, Admin Lasimpara, on behalf of the regency, fully supports the event, for instance by allocating funds from the regional budget. The regency is hopeful that the TIOF will result in a boost in tourist visits.

Admin went on to say that previously some festivals had been held at Togean island, but the effect had not been significant enough. He thought that the festival had probably not found the right concept. His hopes are also high with Franki Raden, an ethnolomusicologist, composer and director of many music events, on board the festival organizer team.

Togean islands, part of Tojo Unauna regency, is situated in the middle of the World Coral Reef Triangle. It is inhabited by a number of tribes, namely the Togean, the Bajo, the Babongko and the Saluan. For the natives of Togean islands, the sea is their lives. The sea is where their culture is rooted and developed, and on which their livelihoods depend.


Source&image: TheJakartaPost

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