Marvel Experience Attraction Comes to Thailand

Marvel Experience Attraction Comes to Thailand

Marvel’s superheroes have landed in Southeast Asia and have made their first stop at the Megabanga mall in Bangkok. The Marvel Experience: Thailand covers 2 hectares and is divided into two main zones: The Reception Building and The Attraction Zone.

Inside the Reception Building, guests will find the ticket office, Avengers Café, Super Hero Snack Bar, as well as the Marvel Adventure Zone for kids. Exclusive Marvel Experience: Thailand merchandise is also available in this building and can be found in the Marvel Experience Super Store.

In the Attraction Zone, guests can become S.H.I.E.L.D agents and can experience a two-hour battle alongside Marvel’s superheroes in a combination of immersive hyper-reality, interactive and multimedia technology games, as well as augmented and virtual reality simulations.

This zone also houses a 4-D Motion Ride, a 360-degree 4-D stereoscopic projection dome and the opportunity for guests to meet their favorite heroes.

“From our success with the launch of The Marvel Experience [TMX] in the United States of America and elsewhere, a number of countries have reached out and invited us to bring TMX to them,” said Rick Licht, CEO of Hero Ventures, in a statement.

“As Thailand is a major fanbase for Marvel, we believe that it is the perfect country to which we should bring this adventure.”


Source&image: The Jakarta Post

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