More Quakes Rock North Lombok and Felt in Bali

More Quakes Rock North Lombok and Felt in Bali

Four earthquakes above magnitude 5 RS rocked Lombok island and surrounding areas on Sunday night (08/19/2018), in a span of 50 minutes. And that was after two earlier quakes, 5.6 and 6.5 RS rocked the island at about 1 pm (Bali time) the same day.

The first earthquake from the four with a magnitude of 7 RS hit 34 km off the East Lombok coast, at a depth of 10 km at 10.56pm and the rumble was felt in several neighboring regions from Sumbawa, Bali, East Java to Makassar. The Seminyak area of Bali was shaking for approximately 10 seconds, which had most people running outdoors, including restaurants and hotels. No damage was reported.

In Lombok, the damage appears to be less than previous large earthquakes (possibly because most buildings that were going to fall have already done so), but there was a large fissure or crack appearing on one North Lombok road and the electricity went off directly, and on neighbouring Sumbawa a fire caused damage to a village after a fallen down building caught on fire. PNPB’s Sutopo twitted than one person had died on Lombok and one more on Sumbawa. Electricity is now back on in most parts.

Source&image: Seminyak Times

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