Yogyakarta's Nglinggo Tourist Village to Go Digital

Yogyakarta’s Nglinggo Tourist Village to Go Digital

Nglinggo tourist village in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta, is preparing to embrace the digital era. The village will have digitalization programs through the Jogja Tourism Festival from the Yogyakarta branch of the Association of the Indonesian Tour and Travel Agencies (ASITA), with the support of the Kulon Progo administration and cellular operator Smartfren.

“Nglinggo is an example of a tourist village primed with nature and attractions. All it needs is digital services,” Sudiyanto, head of ASITA Yogyakarta, told Tempo.co on Wednesday.

The village is known for its tea and coffee plantations, pine forest and trekking and off-road facilities. With the help of locals, tourists can learn how to make brown sugar, pick tea leaves and coffee beans on the plantations and learn traditional dances.

The digitalization programs include wi-fi installation for wireless internet connection, QR code installation and creating a marketplace platform.

QR code will allow visitors to receive information about the village by scanning codes installed at a number of spots in Nglinggo. Meanwhile, the marketplace will be based on the jogjatourismfestival.com website, for tourism stakeholders to promote and sell products on the site.

Sudiyanto said the ASITA Jogja Tourism Festival was being launched in conjunction with World Tourism Day, which is commemorated every Sept. 27.

“Nglinggo tourist village is a starting point for the program, and it will spread to other tourist villages in Yogyakarta. We aim to develop tourism even further, bringing prosperity to the residents,” said Sudiyanto.


Source&image: TheJakartaPost

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