Five Cultural Festivals to Attend This November

Five Cultural Festivals to Attend This November

For festival enthusiasts, here are five interesting cultural festivals worth visiting this November, as compiled by

1. Kenduri Seni Melayu

Kenduri Seni Melayu (Malay Art Festivity) is being held until Saturday at Engku Putri Field, Batam City, Riau Islands. The event is held to celebrate Batam City’s anniversary that showcases cultural attractions from mainland Riau and Riau Islands. Visitors can taste local cuisines, try out small and medium enterprise products, and participate in traditional games. Singer Iyeth Bustami will be the guest musical act for the event.

2. Mahakam Festival

Visitors can enjoy the annual festival until Sunday held near the Mahakam River, Samarinda, East Kalimantan with various competitions that include a tambangan boat race, motorboat race, and the famous Mahakam River swimming competition. Don’t miss the musical performances with Dayak traditional instruments such as sampe (traditional guitar).

3. Pesta Rakyat Banda

Pesta Rakyat Banda (Banda Fair) 2018 will last from Nov. 4 to 11 in Banda Islands, Maluku. Visitors can enjoy dance, theater, and musical acts, culinary experiences, handicraft showcases, traditional boat competitions, as well as historical workshops and discussions.

4. Ya’ahowu Nias Festival

Previously called Pesta Ya’ahowu, the event will feature attractions such as Nias stone jumping fahombo and war dance fatuele. The event will be held at Teluk Dalam subdistrict, South Nias Regency, North Sumatra from Nov. 16 to 20, coinciding with durian harvest season. Visitors are welcome to taste Nias durians, famous for its sweet taste.

5. Cirebon Culture Festival

Set to be held on Nov. 21 to 28, the festival will offer culinary experiences and a fashion show that showcases clothes made from local fabrics. The palace’s royal customs and traditions will be exhibited, making it one of the festival’s highlights.


Source&image: TheJakartaPost

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