Flores Festival Strives to Promote Nagekeo Regency's Hidden Destinations

Flores Festival Strives to Promote Nagekeo Regency’s Hidden Destinations

The youth of Maupongo district in Nagekeo regency, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) organized Enagera Beach Festival, which runs from Feb. 26 to March 5, to promote the regency’s hidden destinations.

Other than featuring singers such as Mario Klau and Aldo Longa, the event also presents cultural attractions and Nagakeo signature dances.

The festival’s committee head, Dominikus Kuchu Dua, told The Jakarta Post recently that the committee had seen how other regions in Indonesia such as Banyuwangi in East Java and Morotai in North Maluku promoted their tourism and hence tried to learn from them.

Meanwhile, Nagekeo Regent Yohanes Don Bosco Do said the regency had agriculture and tourism potential that needed to be promoted, such as durian from Sawu Valley in Maupongo, Maupongo signature banana that used to be sold in Bali and Surabaya, exotic beaches and traditional villages.

Nagekeo regency is home to at least five hidden tourist destinations. The first is Ebulobo volcano, which offers trekking tourism where visitors can hike the peak through Sawu Valley. The second is Sawu Valley traditional village, which sits on the mountain slope and annually holds various cultural ceremonies. The third is Enagera Maupongo Beach, which stretches from the Nangaroro area to the border area of Ngada regency. Next is Etu cultural village, nestled on the slope of Kelinata hill in Wuliwale village, Maupongo regency. Every February, the villagers hold a unique tradition named the Etu fist fight. Last but not least is Wolosambi hill, which allows tourists to marvel at the picturesque view of the entire Nagekeo South Beach area.

Source&image: TheJakartaPost

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