Preserving Balinese Tradition of Farming

Preserving Balinese Tradition of Farming

Denpasar municipal administration, through its cultural agency, is working hard on preserving the tradition of farming in the city as the farming area has decreased from 12,778 hectares to only 2,693 hectares in the last few years.

These farmers do not only preserve their irrigation system, famously known as subak which was developed in the ninth century. They also preserve the tradition to get rid of bugs by making scarecrows locally known as lelakut/petakut equipped with pindekan (bamboo poles) and sunari (bells put at the end of the bamboo poles).
Denpasar administration regularly holds Lelakut festival by encouraging farmers to compete in making the best scarecrows made of straws and completely dressed in hats.

Source&image: TheJakartaPost

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