Celebrating The Coronation of The Surakarta King

Celebrating The Coronation of The Surakarta King

Courtiers and guests were seen entering the Surakarta Palace through the Kori Kamandungan gate on Monday, April 1. They would attend the 15th coronation of King Paku Buwono XIII.

The procession began with the entrance of keratin troops heading to the Kedaton plaza and the king emerged from the Dalem Ageng (great hall). The King sat on the Dampar Kencana throne, which is only taken out once a year for the ceremony. All the royals, guests and courtiers sat facing the king.

The peak of the ceremony was the appearance of nine dancers performing the Bedhaya Ketawang traditional dance. This year, the sacred dance was performed for two hours. Previously, because of the king’s health condition, the dance was only performed for half an hour.

After that, there was the great march heading to the Siti Hinggil (high land) to the north plaza and back to the palace. King Paku Buwono XIII and his queen rode the horse carriage and greeted the people.

Source&image: TheJakartaPost

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