Sukamakmur District, Bogor's Hidden Gem

Sukamakmur District, Bogor’s Hidden Gem

Bogor regency in West Java has long been a go-to spot for weekend getaways among urbanites. It is indeed home to popular destinations such as the Puncak resort area and Taman Safari Indonesia. However, these famous destinations have overshadowed the hidden tourism gems that the regency has up its proverbial sleeves.

While those who have lived in West Java and Jakarta may be familiar with a short getaway to tea plantations in Bogor, returning to this sport is never a bad idea. Gunung Mas tea plantation, run by PTPN VIII offers relaxing views of the green tea gardens as well as tea tasting that will delight tea lovers. Recently, Gunung Mas tea plantation has also added a batik village that features live batik making and a shop where visitors can buy batik clothes with such motifs as tea leaves, rubber trees, and coffee leaves.

East Bogor, particularly Sukamakmur district, is a treasure trove of secluded vacation spots waiting to be discovered. The area serves as a worthwhile alternative for those seeking a quiet retreat since there are yet to be any public transportation routes through the district.

From waterfalls to cozy villas, those visiting the district are bound to stumble upon memorable locales.

Vacationers looking to take unique selfies may pay Curug Cipamingkis (Cipamingkis Waterfall) a visit, as the area boasts a host of facilities specifically designed for picture-perfect memories such as a Love Bridge and a tree house. Those who wish to stay the night to fully bask in the fresh air can check in to a hotel – entirely made out of bamboo – situated in the area.

Depleted city dwellers may also choose to rest at Villa Khayangan, not far from Curug Cipamingkis, as the family-run lodging is surrounded with green scenery, such as traditional rice plantations. Villa Khayangan’s owner, Arifin, said the villa was originally intended as a personal getaway spot for his family, but that he eventually made it open to the public since the view from the villa was “too painterly not to be shared”.

Rates at the villa start from Rp 385,000 (US$ 27.21) to Rp 2 million, depending on the type of room and amenities that vacationers wish to book.  Sukamakmur district head Zaenal Azhari said he expected vacationers who regularly visited the more popular destinations in Bogor, such as Puncak, to also make time to stop by the district.

He went on to say that he welcomed the Bogor administration’s plan to build a new route, dubbed Puncak 2, as it would provide tourists with easy access to the district.

Source&image: TheJakartaPost

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