Avengers Stars Tom Holland and Chris Hemsworth Spotted in Bali

Avengers Stars Tom Holland and Chris Hemsworth Spotted in Bali

The actor behind Spider-Man traveled far from home over the weekend to visit Bali, a pleasant surprise to his many fans in Indonesia. On Saturday, Tom Holland uploaded a video of himself promoting an ongoing competition for his fans on Twitter in which he mentioned being on his way to Bali.

“So, we’re officially on our way to Bali for the next step in the press tour,” Tom said in the video.

His arrival was promptly documented by fans on social media, who recorded him disembarking from his plane in Bali. That was followed by other social media posts documenting the 22-year-old English actor’s time on the island, including one showing a fan posing for a photo by the beach with Tom.

According to a Kompas.com report, Tom will be attending Sony Pictures film screenings and workshops on May 27 and 28 to promote his upcoming movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home, which is set for release in July.

Apparently, Tom isn’t the only actor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to have made a recent appearance in Bali. Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, best known as the mighty Thor, was also spotted having recently arrived in Bali, according to this Instagram post from @sathyadjatmiko.

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Chris’ visit to the archipelago this time around might be to promote his own upcoming movie, Men In Black: International, which is also being distributed by Sony Pictures and set for a release next month.

Judging from the social media reaction to their arrivals, there’s no doubt that Indonesians seriously stan these two superheroic actors, so we’ll likely see more fan photos posing with the pair in the next few days.

Source&image: Coconuts Bali

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