Happy Hours to Welcome Tourists through Souvenirs

Happy Hours to Welcome Tourists through Souvenirs

There is always something new offered by the management of Tanah Lot tourist attraction as an effort to draw tourist visits. In addition to improving service quality and beautifying the area, the destination located at Beraban village, Kediri, Tabanan, also has a unique way to draw more visitors. One of them is by offering a happy hour, a program that rewards guests.

Guests are given an expression of gratitude for choosing Tanah Lot as their destination. Both guides and drivers are never tired of taking their guests to Tanah Lot. Every guest visiting the object is given an award in the form of mementos of art and antiques. They are very varied, such as clothes, fans, mugs, hats, pins, key chains, pens, towels, and others. The souvenir is official from Tanah Lot attraction. “Happy Hour is an appreciation of the management to visitors having chosen Tanah Lot as their destination,” said Operations Manager of Tanah Lot, Toya Adnyana.

Happy hours are usually held regularly every month and on certain days and times, for example, on weekends or holidays. Location is not fixed but moving with a new atmosphere as an effort to avoid monotonous impression. Choosing a different place will also give a different impression. It aims to provide services and memories for travelers making a visit Tanah Lot. By serving coffee and snacks for free will also establish relationships with destination partners. We provide special souvenirs directly,” said Toya Adnyana.

In addition to giving to tourists, souvenirs are also given to travel agencies whose time is adjusted to the conditions of tourist visits. If the number of tourist visits is crowded, the souvenirs are given twice, namely in the morning and evening. Public relation staff of Tanah Lot usually comes down to the location to distribute souvenirs. “Conditions are certain, from one place to another. We can provide it around the field, restaurants, and shops. Sometimes, it is also distributed in the parking lot, so that it becomes a surprise,” he added.

Toya Adnyana explained the program has been running since January 2014. Every time it is implemented, it always gets a positive response from tourists. They are very enthusiastic and surprised by the activity and this program is expected to continue to be carried out every month. “This is our effort to provide memories, so they return to visit Tanah Lot. Hopefully, they will come with their family and friends,” he concluded.

Source&image: Bali Travel News

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