At Tanah Lot, Holy Spring Always Thronged by Visitors

At Tanah Lot, Holy Spring Always Thronged by Visitors

When making a visit to Tanah Lot, prepare a little time to visit the holy water douche located beneath the Tanah Lot Temple. This source of fresh water does indeed feel fresh and can be drunk directly. Residents or visitors wishing to drink can collect it by cupped hands. Optionally, visitors can just wash hands or cleanse the face to be getting fresher and cooler.

As one of the spots in the Tanah Lot tourist attraction area, it is never empty of visitors. This holy spring is always visited because of the holy water, one of the legends owned by the tourist attraction. It is said the holy water comes from the middle of the sea that can provide healing for people experiencing pain, or others. “We invoke this holy water for our sick child,” said Nyoman Warni, a resident invoking the holy water on Sunday (Jun. 23).

Local communities, especially the Hindus, strongly believe the holy water can cure some ailments they are suffering from. For married women having not got children for a long time, they often invoke holy water here in the hope of getting their descendants. Drinking the holy water is believed to be blessed with offspring. In addition, many people also pray and beg for the safety and happiness of their life. “Armed with confidence and based on a clean and sincere heart, it is said that all their hopes will be blessed,” convinced Warni.

To some people, this method seems rather ridiculous to believe in such a myth. However, it does not matter if you entertain yourself by trying it to get what you expect. As evidence, many local communities invoke for recovery of their family members. Some tourists also take it by putting the holy water into a bottle. “Maybe it’s made into a gift for their children, relatives or friends,” said Jero Niti, Promotion Section Officer of Tanah Lot Attraction.

According to Jero Niti, the holy spring is guarded by several priests taking turns on daily duty. It is meant to serve tourists that may want to pray for a moment or invoke holy water. There is no any kind of price offered for the holy water but it very much depends on the sincerity of visitors if they wish to donate to Tanah Lot Temple. “Visitors can drink the holy water or just wash hands and face to get some benefits,” she said.

Indeed, when hearing or reading about Tanah Lot, one’s imagination will automatically refer to the famous beauty of sunset view to foreign visitors. Actually, Tanah Lot also has other uniqueness, such as religious and cultural tourism is famous for the beautiful panorama of the local beach. Tourists often wait for sunset view because it offers a very beautiful and romantic moment.

Source&image: Bali Travel News

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