Belimbing Village, a ‘Green Gem’ Tourism Village

Belimbing Village, a ‘Green Gem’ Tourism Village

Desiring to explore a countryside atmosphere with the overlay of verdant paddy fields? If you get interested in it, just come to Belimbing village located in Pupuan subdistrict, Tabanan. It will take you approximately two hours from the city of Denpasar or more than fifteen minutes from the town of Tabanan to get there.

This village is named Belimbing because its topography resembles a belimbing (in Balinese language) or ‘star fruit.’ Some sides are cut by rivers and the land conditions are sloping so that farmers must make terraces to be able to grow crops. This is the uniqueness owned by this village. It spread across the area of 360 hectares so that it is dubbed as a ‘green gem.’ Besides, Belimbing village also has the Mekori Temple surrounded by 18 hectares of tropical forest along with its monkey population.

Armed with this attraction, Belimbing then becomes a tourism village which has now started to attract tourists to visit. Other than because of having traditional sap and producing palm sugar, Belimbing village is included in the program of Nikosake (sap, coffee, snakefruit and coconut) area currently being aggressively encouraged by the Tabanan district government.

Meanwhile, Head of the BPD of Belimbing village, I Made Sumertadana, said not long ago that the Belimbing village already pioneered the tourism village since 2009. For ten years the village officials worked together with residents to prepare facilities, promote and prepare human resources to manage the tourism village. By degrees, Belimbing village began to be known to the public as one of the promising tourist destinations, especially for tourists desiring an adventure to pristine nature.

At present, tourist visits to Belimbing village reach 50 to 70 people per day. He admitted such number experienced a decrease when compared to the previous months. To be able to increase tourist visits to Belimbing, the village authority is going to build a new tourist attraction in the form of selfie spots this June located at Suradadi hamlet with village fund through BUMDES.

Tourists desiring to enjoy the natural beauty will be offered some tour packages at affordable prices. According to Sumertadana, the tour packages that can now be enjoyed at Belimbing village include trekking. It is available in short, medium and long routes. To be able to enjoy the pathway, there are tour guide services offered by local residents.

Besides, there are also residents directly preparing food for tourists participating in the trekking package. The tour packages on offer are strolling in rice field, trekking package, cycling package to attractions such as coconut tree climbing and rooster pre-fighting attraction or mabombong.

In addition, Belimbing village has another attraction, namely waterfall. So far, only two waterfalls can be offered as tourist attractions, namely the Selingsing Benben and Selingsing Sade. Another potential to be explored is the package of making palm sugar. Through this attraction, tourists can experience the process of making palm sugar from the taping directly to the making of the palm sugar. To take part in this process, tourists must stay overnight. For this purpose, the village will also develop homestay.

Source&image: Bali Travel News

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