PBM 2019 of Sanur Kauh Features Asta Brata

PBM 2019 of Sanur Kauh Features Asta Brata

Societal culture is one of the main supporting elements in the field of Bali tourism, such as dance, music, food and traditional games. Armed with these elements, Sanur Kauh village, South Denpasar, organized a traditional event to support the preservation of culture entitled Mertasari Cultural Charm (PBM) of Sanur Kauh Village. It is an annual extravagant event that has been organized since 2016.

This year’s PBM of Sanur Kauh Village has entered the fourth edition. “The event taking place on July 11-14, 2019 in the Mertasari Sanur Beach parking lot carries the theme Asta Brata meaning eight leadership characters taken from eight characters of deities and nature that must be possessed by our leaders,” said I Made Sudiana, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Sanur Kauh PBM 2019.

Since the beginning, this festival is taken advantage as a medium for the Sanur Kauh community in particular and the public of Sanur in general to appreciate the ideas, talents, and potential of Sanur, such as its natural beauty, arts, culture, traditional sports, and the MSMEs.

The festival will also become a contestation arena for beginner artists, young artists, and local artists of Sanur Kauh village to channel their talents and performance on stage. Surely, it has been professionally designed and with high quality that will be realized by presenting local and national artists.

“During this event, for the art and culture will be filled with Baleganjur Parade, Teruni-Teruni Beauty Pageant of Sanur Kauh village, Parade of Innovative Genjek Janger, Barong Parade, Elderly Gong Kebyar Parade, and Children and Janggan Kite Parade,” said I Putu Arya Mulyawan, Committee Secretary of PBM Sanur Kauh.

“Meanwhile, in terms of sports and community activities, it is filled with leisure, yoga, fishing competition, photography contest, traditional food festival, beach cleanup, and culinary stand. More interestingly, this event is also graced with a live music performance by presenting guest stars like Joni Agung, Jun Bintang, The Body, Marapu, The Smallaxe, and Kroncong Jancuk,” added Putu.

Source&image: Bali Travel News

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