Bali Pink Ribbon Roadshow 2019

Bali Pink Ribbon Roadshow 2019

Yayasan Pita Merah Muda, or known as Bali Pink Ribbon (BPR) recently completed their second roadshow of 2019, the early detection seminar and free manual breast screening for people in Waitabula, East Lombok. From 5-7 August, BPR jointly with medical partner Prima Medika Hospital, FeM Surgary Singapore, John Fawcett Foundation (JFF), and Komunitas Cinta Kasih (KCK) conducted their roadshow. The free seminar and screening were held in villages in West Lombok cooperation with the regional government of Lombok and health department.

The seminar was attended by 381 participants, with 560 women screened manually followed by 34 women screened using USG. The activity found 1 person detected with a benign tumor. The team of 10 board members, volunteers and doctors brought a portable USG Machine donated by sponsors to facilitate the event, while FeM Surgery doctors team consisting of 3 doctors also provided a portable USG Machine.

BPR is a volunteer organization working with Indonesian and Singaporean doctors that provides seminars on breast cancer to women across Bali, in companies and villages, providing valuable knowledge and understanding of breast health. BPR also has a support center in Denpasar providing a safe place for women to share their experiences of breast cancer with other survivors and those undergoing treatment.

Source&image: Bali Travel News

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