Come on! Make a Visit to Goa Giri Campuhan Waterfall

Come on! Make a Visit to Goa Giri Campuhan Waterfall

Waterfall tourist objects can be found at a number of regions including in Bangli. It is called the Goa Giri Campuhan (GGC) waterfall. This waterfall is located at Tembuku Kelod customary village, Tembuku. As soon as entering the parking area of ​​the GGC waterfall, our eyes have been spoiled with beautiful panoramic views of rice fields and mountainous nature. From the parking lot to the location, along the path, we are also pampered with the green and wide-spread rice plants. After entering the object area, you must first enter a cave with a depth of approximately 30 meters. This cave is so sturdy with very natural rocks.

After passing through the end of the cave, our fatigue will immediately disappear as soon as seeing the GGC waterfall. The scenery is amazing and natural. There is very religious tributary. Right in the middle of the tributary, there are also five showers (pancaka tirta) said to have the capability of curing various non-medical diseases. Three very beautiful or charming waterfalls of various shapes are ready to wait for your arrival. There is a fan-like waterfall while others are sharing waterfalls with varied heights. Similarly, there is a natural pond with selfie spots of love stones (a boulder with a heart-shaped hole).

If desiring to fully enjoy this tourist attraction, you must be prepared to get wet because between one and another spot you must explore the river rocks. Conditions of the rocks are quite slippery and the water is somewhat swift so that you must be careful in order not to slip. Not long ago, Deputy Regent of Bangli, Sedana Arta, visited the GGC waterfall. He said the GCC waterfall tourist attraction has enormous potential to become a leading destination in Bangli district. To maximize the potential of the GGC waterfall object, Deputy Regent Sedana Arta claimed to be ready to facilitate and support the construction of supporting facilities for the object.

Meanwhile, customary village community leader of Tembuku Kelod, Jro Mangku Giri Kusuma, said that actually, the tourist attraction had existed from a long time ago. But it began to be developed since 2015 by local customary village youth club. Since it was constrained by receding water flow of the waterfall due to the long dry season, the development had been vacuumed. But starting in 2018, with the support of the customary and administrative village, this object is re-worked on until it runs as it is now.

He claimed the GGC waterfall had been visited by many local and foreign tourists. Meanwhile, the levies imposed on tourists are not mandatory, but in the form of voluntary donation.

Source&image: Bali Travel News

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