Undhira Students Research: The Value of Premium Language Choices in Brand Name of Hotels

Undhira Students Research: The Value of Premium Language Choices in Brand Name of Hotels

Indonesian millennial consumers consider that English-language hotel brand names are more prominent than hotels with Indonesian-language brand names. English-language hotel brand names are perceived as newer, more expensive, more luxurious, more extensive, higher in star classification, and higher in quality than those of in Indonesian-language.

This is the result of research conducted by a group of students of the Dhyana Pura University (Undhira) posing a part of the Student Creativity Program funded by the Director-General of Learning and Student Affairs at the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. Results of the research held by the student group consisting of Putu Cahya May Ariani, Luh Ayu Puspita Dewi, and Fajar Maulana Hidayat found the presence of premium value for the brand name of the hotels in the perception of the millennial generation.

Research that raised the topic “Perceptions and Preferences of Indonesian Millennial Consumers against Hotel Brand Names” and guided by lecturer Putu Chris Susanto, also found that hotel brand names that do not have a lexical meaning are considered more premium than Indonesian-branded hotel names. “However, it is not applicable for all categories of perception, it is only for newer, expensive, luxury, international and high-quality hotels,” said Putu Cahya May Ariani.

Meanwhile, between the brand name of an English-language hotel and brand name without a lexical meaning showed no significant difference. Interdisciplinary student research between the undergraduate of Management Department and English Department study program also found that millennial consumers tended to like the name of an English-language hotel brand. This preference was obtained from a survey of 100 millennial consumers in Bali. “The brand name (brand) is the identity and differentiator of a product from other products, including in the hospitality industry,” he added.

In the meantime, Putu Chris Susanto added the results of the study are expected to be a consideration for hotel industry businesses in determining branding strategies, primarily if their targets include domestic tourists from the millennial generation who tend to increase their desire to travel as well as their demand for hotel services. “Moreover, the hotel by its name alone can already have a premium perception in the minds of millennial consumers,” he added.

Source&image: Bali Travel News

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