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post-title 3.5 Million Foreign Tourist Arrivals Until July

3.5 Million Foreign Tourist Arrivals Until July

3.5 Million Foreign Tourist Arrivals Until July

3.5 Million Foreign Tourist Arrivals Until July

Statistics recorded that there were just over 3.5 million foreign tourists arriving in Bali via Denpasar Airport up to the end of July 2019. The number was almost the same as in 2018. The exact figures for 2019 were 3,533,010, while in 2018, there were 3,527,980. That is an increase of 5030 people or 0.1 percent.

Chinese tourists still held the first place in that period with a total of 742,165, or 29 percent of the foreign tourist visits, with Australia not far behind at 27 percent or 678,784 and Indian tourists with 9 percent or 223,381 arrivals.

General Manager of Bali’s PT Angkasa Pura I, Herry A.Y. Sikado, told tribunnews.com on Thursday that what they wanted to highlight was that there were 430,447 tourist arrivals during July 2019, which was an increase of 8 percent compared to June, which was 399,305.

“The trend was still similar to June data, where Australian tourists were in the first place, this time with 121,651, followed by Chinese tourists with 112,766. Australian tourists have been in the first place since May 2019,” he added.

He predicted that the trend would continue stronger after Malindo Air officially opened a new flight from Bali to Sydney.  The new flight would become a new catalyst to increase the Australian tourist visits to Bali. “Let’s see whether the new flight route would increase Australian tourist visits or not,” he said.

Meanwhile, there were five airlines who had opened new flights to Bali during 2019. However, a proposed flight to Perth with Citilink, which was supposed to begin in October, now appears to be in limbo as their website is showing no flights available at all.

Source&image: Seminyak Times

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