Huangling, the Most Beautiful Village in China

Huangling, the Most Beautiful Village in China

If Bali has a Penglipuran village in Bangli that survives with its traditional buildings, China has Huangling. If Bali has terraced rice fields in Jatiluwih Tabanan and Ceking in Gianyar, similar views can also be found in Huangling region.

Huangling is a village in the Wuyuan region, Jiangxi Province, China. This village is perched on a hill. To get to the location, visitors are provided with a cable car. It takes about 10 minutes. From the cable car, visitors can see the expanse of terraces and green trees. In spring, the terraced rice fields are planted with flowers. When flowering, the expanse will look yellow like rice, they are so beautiful and eye-catching.

The village is famous for its traditional home buildings filled with its culture is made into one of China’s icons. The village is one of the 22 Chinese icons and one of the ten most beautiful villages in the world.

Arriving at the location, visitors can see bamboo groves and large trees. Moreover, there are some trees aged hundreds of years old. Around 500 years ago, local people built their house on this hill. In the area, there are buildings where people worship, attend schools, and so on.

Now, the houses amounting to about 200 units are functioned as heritage areas. They are transformed into a place to display art, restaurants, and lodging for tourists. Worship buildings are transformed into the museum while school building is still maintained with facilities for ancient teaching and learning. At the school, visitors can sit on a bench and play a role as students that learn and read. Meanwhile, the tour guide acts as a teacher.

In the meantime, local population numbering around 700 people now inhabit the homes in the area under the hill. However, most of them manage tourism businesses in their ancient houses on the hill. The rest are farmers whose products are supplied to the regional tourism needs.

Ten journalists from Bali, NTB and NTT had the opportunity to visit Huangling on Thursday (Aug. 29), accompanied by Deputy Secretary General of the Shangrao Municipal People’s Government, Dong Liua, and Deputy Regent of Wuyuan County, Lujun, and a number of staff.

Dong Liua and Lujun said that to arrange the village as a tourist attraction, the government helped facilities such as the cable car, the cost of building reconstruction, road construction, and provision of the toilet as well as others. Now every year, Huangling is visited by around 1 million tourists with an income of around CNY 1.8 billion. In 2018, the tax paid to the government from the management of these attractions reached CNY 40 million.

Source&image: Bali Travel News

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