Previewing Larasati’s Upcoming October 12 Bali Sale

Previewing Larasati’s Upcoming October 12 Bali Sale

For the first time in its 13-year history, Larasati Auctioneers is to conduct a third art auction in Ubud within the year. This is a positive sign indicating a growing market for Balinese art.

“After being stagnant for some time, the market for Balinese art is beginning to show real signs of buoyancy. As a result, we have managed to secure a couple of significant properties from various art collectors. By holding this additional sale in Bali, we hope to amplify the current upward thrust for Balinese art,” said Daniel Komala, CEO of Larasati Auctioneers.

Ninety-two lots of fine artworks by renowned Balinese and foreign artists, including some of the masters of the historic Ubud School of Painting, are to go under the hammer in the Modern, Traditional and Contemporary Art Auction on Oct. 12 from 2:30 p.m. at the Larasati Art Space, Tebesaya Gallery, Ubud.

Some of the art genres for sale include Balinese contemporary paintings, modern Indonesian paintings, works from the Batuan School of Painting, the colorful Young Artist style, photographs, and one woodcarving. Larasati has secured works from prominent private collectors, making one group of paintings to capture the attention of connoisseurs of Balinese art.

The Ubud sale has artworks to interest people buying for the first time, with limited budgets, intermediate collectors and aficionados. There are groupings of paintings offered, inspired by the influential foreigners on Bali, Walter Spies (1895 to 1942), Rudolf Bonnet (1895 to 1978) and Arie Smit (1916 to 2016).

German amateur photographer Gregor Krauser (1883 to 1960), also a physician and anthropologist, released the groundbreaking book Bali to European readers in 1920. His photographs had a massive impact upon intellectuals disillusioned by the direction of Western culture post-World War I. Lots 715 and 716, both titled Bali Nude 1920, by Krauser, sized 17 centimeters by 25 cm and printed on sheetfed gravure, have estimated prices of between Rp 2 million and Rp 3 million which offer excellent opportunities for buyers wishing to enter the market.

Other works that offer good value for beginners if purchased within, or under their estimated prices are listed below:

  • Lot 702, Lotus Pond, watercolor on paper by Paul Nagano, a long-time visitor to Bali, with an estimated price of between Rp 5 million and Rp 7 million (US$353.22 to $494.52).
  • Two works in the Young Artist style, Lot 768, Upacara Ngaben by Wayan Pugur, which has an estimated worth of between Rp 7 million and Rp 9 million and Lot 772, by Nyoman Takja, Kehidupan Bali with an estimated price of between Rp 5 million and Rp 7 million.
  • Lot 749, Bali Life by Ketut Kicen which comes at an estimated price of between Rp 6 million and Rp 11 million.

Good purchases for intermediate buyers wishing to grow their collections and with larger budgets include Lot 739, Jemur Pakaian by Dewa Putu Mokoh (1934 to 2010) with an estimated value of between Rp 15 million and Rp 17 million, a rare woodcarving by Wayan Gerudug (1905 to 1989), Lot 743 Ni Kesuna di Hutan (Dari cerita Ni Bawang dan Ni Kesuna), which comes with an estimated price of between Rp. 20 million and Rp 30 million, a distinct composition of glowing red sunset hues, Nelayan di Pantai, Lot 747 by Made Rasna, which has an estimated price of between Rp. 20 million and Rp 30 million and Lot 767 Pura Dewi Sri by the founder of the Young Artists style Arie Smit, which comes with an estimated price of between Rp. 30 million and Rp 40 million.

The recent passing of Batuan painter Ketut Murtika (1952 to 2019) brings to the close the life and career of an extraordinary talent of the Batuan miniature format of painting and his two mythological themed works offer excellent buying for intermediate collectors. Lot 785 Perang Tanding Arjuna Melawan Kama has an estimated price of between Rp 15 million and Rp 18 million and Lot 786 Ramayana Scene comes with an estimated value of between Rp 18  million and Rp 22 million.

Connoisseurs would be interested in the following: Lot 791 Bayu Satu Duta by Tjokorda Oka Gambira (1902 to 1975) who was the senior teacher from the sangging (collective of skilled artists who made sacred traditional artworks and objects) of the Peliatan royal palace. The wayang-style painting has an estimated value of between Rp 48 million and Rp 58 million and offers a rare opportunity to collect a picture by the influential princely artist.

Ketut Budiana (born 1959 in Padang Tegal, Ubud) is recognized as one of the maestros of Balinese painting; the multi-talented creative is responsible for inventing his signature style within the conventions of the Ubud School of PaintingHis visual language depicts the universe consistently in a state of transition featuring an array of characters from the divine to the demonic. Lot 784 Mythical Scene has an estimated price of between Rp 80 million and Rp 110 million.

Two rare and delightful paintings are Lot 720 Iringan Melasti by Wayan Sukadana (1962 to 2004) that comes with an estimated price of between Rp 55 million and Rp 65 million and the beautiful color composition of a mythological scene, Lot 792 Pandawa Dalam Pengasingan by Ida Bagus Rai (1933 to 2007, Ubud) that has an estimated value of between Rp 25 million and Rp 35 million.

Four paintings on offer by Anak Agung Gede Raka Pudja (1932 to 2016, Padang Tegal, Ubud) from the Ubud School of Painting would also attract the attention of connoisseurs. Lot 782 Mendirikan Menara Bade 1983, a detailed and visually potent description of the erection of Balinese traditional cremation tower, comes with an estimated price of between Rp 150 million and Rp 200 million and Lot 783 Melasti ke Sakenan, a dynamic composition depicting an ocean-side religious procession, comes with an estimated value of between Rp 90 million and Rp 120 million. Lots 780 and 781, paintings of subdued color schemes, both have estimated prices of between Rp 50 million and Rp 70 million.

Meanwhile, Lot 776, Cerita dari Hutan, highlights the technical abilities of Nyoman Kayun (born 1954 in Peliatan) and has an estimated price of between Rp 50 million and Rp 70 million.

Other well-known artists in the sale include Willem Gerard Hofker (1902 to 1981), Ida Bagus Nadera (1915 to 1998), Ketut Regig (1919 to 2002), Ketut Gelgel, Awiki, Dullah (1919 to 1996) and Soedibio (1912 to 1981).

Potential buyers bidding over the phone, absentee bidders or real-time internet bidders who are unable to attend the preview days or auction are advised to contact Larasati and enquire about the color reproduction accuracy of the images contained within the online catalog to ensure that what they wish to purchase can be realistically appraised.

The absence of references to the condition of a lot in the catalog description does not imply that the lot is free from faults or imperfections. Therefore, condition reports of the works, outlining a painting’s current state and whether it has repairs or over-painting, are available upon request.

Provenance, the historical data of the works’ previous owners, is also important and is provided. An information guide including before the auction, during the auction and after the auction details, including conditions of business, the bidding process, payment, storage and insurance and shipping of the work is also available. A buyer’s premium is payable by the buyer of each lot at a rate of 22 percent of the hammer price of the lot.

Open to the public at the Larasati Art Space in the Tebesaya Gallery, the auction starts at 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 12, while viewing begins from 11 a.m on Thursday. The online catalog, complete with a guide for prospective buyers is available at

Source&image: TheJakartaPost

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