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standard-title Bali Ceremonies Calendar 2019

Bali Ceremonies Calendar 2019

Bali Ceremonies Calendar 2019
Çaka 1940 – 1941

Bali local citizens are mostly Hindu followers and have their own Lunar-based calendar system called the Çaka calendar. The print version of this calendar is available to buy at local supermarkets and bookstores. The calendar provides general information about Indonesia public holidays, also various information such as the Moon cycle, Hindu holidays & events, recommended period for planting & harvesting crops, and many more. Among the holidays, there are some very important holidays like Galungan which requires a lot of details that the Balinese would take leave from their daily work for one full week.

If you come to Bali at the “right” time, you might be frustrated with lots of worker holidays and roadblocks since Balinese often use the road to hold a ceremony. To have a full experience of your holiday in Bali, below you can find important days taken from the Balinese calendar so that you can plan you holiday with ease.

– Bold text denotes national holidays in Indonesia
– Pink text denotes Balinese holiday. Click on the text to view its description


01 New Year 2018
05 Kuningan


05 Chinese New Year 2570
2019 year of the Brown Earth Pig


07 Nyepi & Çaka New Year 1941
30 Good Friday


03 Isra Miraj
19 Easter


01 International Labour Day
11  Saraswati
15  Pagerwesi
19 Vesak 2563
30 Ascension Day


01 Pancasila Day
0506 Idul Fitri


25 Galungan


03 Kuningan
17 National Day
11 Idul Adha


01 Islamic New Year 1441



20 Birth of the Prophet


07  Saraswati
11  Pagerwesi
25 Christmas

Aside from those holidays, Balinese people also celebrate the full moon & new moon, anniversary of their temples, and the days called “Tumpek”. Tumpek are auspicious days on the Balinese calendar. There are six Tumpek which are spread over a 210 day cycle called Pawukon. Tumpek days signify the meeting of a Saniscara weekday (Saturday) and Keliwon day. The six Tumpek and the dates are listed below, and you can click on the text to view its description.

  • 25 May 21 Dec Tumpek Landep
  • 29 Jun Tumpek Uduh
  • 05 Jan 03 Aug Tumpek Kuningan
  • 09 Feb 09 Sep Tumpek Krulut
  • 16 Mar 12 Oct Tumpek Kandang
  • 20 Apr 16 Nov Tumpek Wayang

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