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DC, Suicide Squad Movie Review

Unless you’ve been away from the internet all week, you already know that Suicide Squad has been getting lackluster reviews across the board, and mine will be no exception. But here’s the surprising part: you might still actually enjoy this movie. Well… only if you go with the intent of mocking it. That counts as […]

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The Angeline movie has hit theaters

The film inspired by the real-life story of an eight-year-old’s horrifying murder in Bali has hit theaters and no surprise, the trailer looks dark and depressing as hell. Engeline, also known as Angeline, was found dead and buried in her adopted family’s backyard in June 2015, several weeks after the family had reported her missing. […]

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The new Pixar short is downright adorable

We were all pretty much totally obliterated by Pixar’s 2015 summer release, Inside Out (and bonus points if you were already ugly-crying at a volcano finding love in, Lava, the short that preceded that one.) That’s why we’re admittedly relieved that the latest Pixar original short for the much anticipated Finding Dory is heartwarming in […]

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Kungfu Panda 3 Review and Trailer

It appears as if one ass-kicking cuddly panda was not enough because animation powerhouse DreamWorks has brought the whole village to close out the trilogy. Nearly eight years after the release of the prequel, by creating a sequel markedly better than the predecessor, the team at DreamWorks Animation has maintained its formula and created the […]

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Batman V Superman Runtime Confirmed

It’s difficult to determine whether this duration will help or hurt Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. On one hand, if the film is handled properly audiences likely won’t even notice – which was the case with the first Avengers. If Zack Snyder tries to pack too many storylines, subplots, and threads for future films […]

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Cecep to star in American drama series

After appearing in blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens, pencak silat master Cecep Arif Rahman is set to feature in an American television series by Kellie Madison, entitled The Gate. Tribunnews.com reported recently that Cecep was originally to be accompanied in the series by his friends Yayan Ruhian and Iko Uwais, but visa and scheduling […]

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‘Star Wars’ Monopoly to include Rey after girl

The ” Star Wars ” version of Monopoly will add a game piece based on the female character Rey after an 8-year-old girl wrote to game maker Hasbro complaining about the omission and telling them: “Girls matter.” Carrie Goldman, of Evanston, Illinois, posted a letter on Twitter this week written by her daughter, Annie Rose, […]

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Final Wolverine Movie To Have Mythic Quality

20th Century’s Fox’s go-to producer/screenwriter Simon Kinberg took part in an extensive interview with Collider — providing update on a slew of comic book-based projects the studio has in the works for the big and small screens. Today, they released a portion of the interview covering Hugh Jackman third and final Wolverine solo film, which […]

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