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Category Archives: Environment

SpaceVR, The world’s first VR camera satellite

SpaceVR has signed a launch agreement to send its virtual reality satellite to the International Space Station using a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in 2017. The small startup has contracted NanoRacks — a company that runs the commercial laboratory aboard the International Space Station — to prepare Overview 1, SpaceVR’s twin-camera cube satellite, for release […]

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Fishing boat carrying passengers stuck at sea for 2 days

A boat suffering engine failure was trapped at sea, 19 miles from the Bali coast. The boat’s journey had started on Monday around 4 pm from Madura, East Java. Three crew had wanted to sell fish to Kampung Baru Singaraja. The boat was carrying 23 passengers that were meant to be dropped off in Singaraja […]

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Zika warning for Aussies travelling to Bali

Australian holiday makers are being urged to reconsider their travel plans with Bali now listed as a Zika virus hotspot. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade urged Australians considering travelling to Indonesia to exercise a “high degree of caution”. “Given the possibility that Zika virus can cause severe malformations in unborn babies, and taking […]

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Two dead in Bali after tidal waves

TWO tourists are dead after tidal waves flooded South Bali, crashing into cocktail bars and infinity pools in the picturesque location. Shocking footage shows the waves crashing over tourists by the pool. Bali’s big waves Surfs up at Ku De Ta… 8 to 12 foot sets rolling through… Literally🙈 #kudeta #seminyak #bali #surfsup @lilly_wood @kudetabali […]

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Please stop dumping female dogs and pups

Bali Province’s Department of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health (Disnakeswan) says people need to cut it out with dumping female dogs in the streets, if we are to have any success with stopping the spread of rabies. All too often, female puppies are thrown out like trash on the island, and so the cycle of […]

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Bali hotels need training to detect terror

The police have urged people working in the hospitality industry of Bali to help in the early detection of terrorist threats and thereby secure Bali’s status as a global tourism destination. Bali Police chief Insp. Gen. Sugeng Priyanto called for the preparedness of all human resources at hotels and restaurants on the popular holiday island. […]

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Fire rips through Padang Padang, Bali

Yet another fire has struck Bali, this time hitting the homestays along Padang Padang Beach on the Bukit Peninsula yesterday. Local Bali media has been slow to cover the fire, but images of the flames have been getting shared on Instagram and Facebook. Bali expat Steve Palmer shared several photos and video to Facebook, writing […]

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