Rad Dan Opening Exhibition

The Slow’s gallery space of Room 13 is soon to be taken over by Daniel Watkins, A.K.A. Rad Dan, a Sydney born pop-artist renowned for his unimaginable artworks blending 70’s cartoonography and Warhol obscurity and colour. Opening on Saturday the 26th of January to the sounds of Brooklyn DJ Rahill of Habibi fame, the night is sure to draw an unprecedented crowd between the walls of The Slow.

Watkins was raised in the art-world by his surrealist painter father, going on to create his own artistic identity as a practicing artist, art director and graphic designer widely known for his role as Creative Director of progressive surf brand, Insight.

Having exhibited in L.A., Europe, Japan and Australia, ‘Preservative’ in Room 13 will be Daniel’s first exhibition in Indonesia. This collection of work beds a footprint on a neo-expressionist view of celebratory self-destruction, which is rivalled with a ‘justification to reward’. Fast, ignominious, forced to last. Racing, sweaty, thoughts of self-entitlement.

Following the praise of Booklyn band Habibi’s performance at Oh So Slow festival in Bali in early 2017, Rahill Jamalifard – whose unique sound and deep appreciation for music can not be overstated – will be reappearing at The Slow from the middle of January, playing various nights until the middle of February. Rahill recently played with Habibi in Puerto Rico and with her second band, Roya alongside Martin Rev of Suicide at the historic Murmrr theatre of New York. Her all-vinyl set at The Slow beside the art of Rad Dan is expected to feature vibraphone heavy jazz and tropical dance grooves, as well as 1950’s Nyabinghi reggae.

Event Date


26 January 2019 6:00 pm


26 January 2019 11:50 pm

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This event has no entrance fee

Event Venue


The Slow - Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong 97


-8.656157499999999, 115.13161769999999