Getting a ticket to watch a movie at a Bali cinema will cost you more compared to cinemas in Java. But since XXI, Cinemaxx, and Denpasar Cineplex charge roughly the same, the competition if quite fair. Also, watching at the cinema will give you different feel of satisfaction, especially if you live in an apartment where your neighbor will come knocking at your door if you turn your home theater volume's a bit too loud.

Cinemaxx and XXI theaters accepts ticket booking. For Cinemaxx, booking for same day and future shows can be made directly on the counter, via their website, or using the smartphone application. Meanwhile XXI Cineplex only accept bookings made using their SMS/web-based M-Tix service. Denpasar Cineplex and all XXI cinemas accept booking for same day shows only. If you are too lazy to go and stand in line at the counter, just fire up Go-Jek app in your smartphone, choose Go-Tix, and pick the desired cinema, movie, and show time.

If you are a fan of Japanese movies & anime like Doraemon or Detective Conan, Cinemaxx would be your best friend as it is the only cinema in Bali that plays Japanese movies & anime, and sometimes Korean and Thai movies too. Cinemaxx also chosen as the venue for Balinale Film Festival for 3 years in a row (2015 - 2017), replacing Galeria XXI as the host in the previous Balinale events.

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