Guide for Spending Christmas & New Year’s Eve in Bali



The year 2017 is coming to a close. But as anywhere else in the world, Bali is preparing to have a full blast and welcoming the year 2018. Almost all kinds of accommodation, restaurants, & clubs will host various events with different themes for the Christmas and new year’s eve in Bali.

Even though Bali natives are mostly Hindu followers but, as seen in other parts of Indonesia, Balinese also respects other religions and open to all kinds of celebration. Starts from early of December, Christmas decorations can be seen in most stores, shopping mall, restaurants, and hotels. They also offer special Christmas discounts, and packages. Some places also set up special Christmas events for couples, families, or children. Whatever plans you have in mind, spend your Christmas in Bali is never a bad idea.

People living in Bali enthusiastically celebrate the new year’s countdown too. The center stage of these celebrations is – of course – none other than the renowned Kuta beach. Every year more people come to Kuta in new year’s eve that the police close down some roads (jalan Benesari, jalan Dewi Sartika / jalan Kartika Plaza, jalan pantai Kuta, jalan Melasti, and jalan Legian) and advise people to walk to the beach. So, as the ‘tradition’ goes in 2013, 20142015, and also 2016, it is to be expected that this year too, Kuta beach area and Legian will be off-limits to any kind of vehicles. The road closure will begin even before the sunset hours (usually introduced as early as 2 pm and will take full effect at 4 pm), and all roads near Kuta will be cleared from vehicle parkings. Police officers posted at various locations near Kuta to divert the traffic and secure the area. The same situation is also to be expected this year.

If you still want to join the crowd shouting the countdown at Kuta beach, then you would need some strategies:

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  • Transportation
    The best choice is to go with your own vehicle. Park somewhere you can go in & out easily, and don’t forget to put extra safety measures on your vehicle. Make sure to go earlier in the day and park it at a strategic & secure place. Kuta Central Park is an obvious choice, but many people will think the same way and the place will be full in no time so look for parking spots around jalan Dewi Sri. Another option is to park at your friend’s house or your office’s parking lot which is located outside the road closure zones near Kuta. Public transportation such as Taxi or Ojek (motor taxi) is another choice. However, most probably they will charge more than normal fare. Also, since probably you will be leaving the area at the same time with everyone else, it would be difficult to get a taxi for yourself. Arrange a transport with your hotel is also possible, though you may have to wait a little longer because of the traffic. Things should be easier this year, with the rise of app-based transportation services like Grab, Uber, or Go-Jek. Just make sure that your pickup point is outside the car-free zone. Of course, you can always choose to walk all the way down from your home/hotel to Kuta beach.
  • Food & drink
    Even though you can easily find more than 3 minimarkets in the same alley near Kuta beach, but chance is there will be a swarm of people inside. It is a wise choice to bring your own supply of water & snacks. Don’t forget to have a proper meal before heading over to Kuta.
  • Self-awareness
    It is crucial keep an eye to your belongings & money at all times. Never be drunk even though you are with a group of people, to avoid any unwanted situations. Dress casually with minimal accessories. Wear a light jacket or windbreaker to shield yourself from the breeze and prepare for any chance of rain especially because December is a rainy season. Some people may rudely honk a deafening paper / air horn right to your ear, so it is recommended to get your ear covered or at least prepare for it. If you bring a good camera to try capturing the fireworks, get a secure place where you can shoot without being blocked by other people like the balcony of a beachfront hotel or restaurant.
  • Baby & pets
    There will be fireworks everywhere in Bali so make sure to keep your loved pets indoors. Firework explosions could cause stress to most animals especially those sensitive to sound, such as cats, dogs, and rabbits. Keep them in their cages within a closed room with good sound insulation. You can start the ‘quarantine’ as soon as the sun sets, and let them go early in the next morning. If you travel / live with an infant or toddler, it is recommended to stay in rural areas where there will be less noise or put ear mufflers to protect their ears.

Of course, there are many other options on where to spend the new year’s eve in Bali. Basically, you can come to any renowned beach in Bali, and you will see people gathering. You can also try go to Renon’s Bajra Sandhi park or Denpasar city park and join the local Indonesian people celebrate the new year. It’s similar to another public new year’s eve event as anywhere else in the world, though.

If you are planning to rent a villa and have a private party, make sure the accommodation allows you to throw a party and the booking should be made as early as possible because of the peak tourist season. There’s also nothing wrong with spending the new year’s eve at home. If you live in 2nd floor or higher in an apartment / hotel where you can clearly see the Denpasar city’s night sky, then you can see non-stop streams of fireworks lit by the residents as soon as the sky is dark. The free firework show will get more intense as the clock ticking and reaches its peak at midnight.

Looking for a different vibe and feel like going to a party with your friends? Or looking forward to enjoy the precious Christmas moments with your family on a special dinner? Then check our list below. We have compiled Christmas dinner events, new year events, new year party, and promotions related to the holiday season held by different venues in Bali.

  • Thea


    31 December 2017

    Hi, we are a family of 7 staying in Sanur and would like to have a nice dinner and see the fireworks tonight, New Year’s Eve. Can you recommend some places? Should we go to Seminyak or Nusa Dua? Thanks for your advice!

  • Avinash Bansal

    Avinash Bansal

    5 December 2017


    We’re travelling to bali for christmas from india, couple and a baby of 9 month.

    Please suggest best place for christmas eve at a best in bali. Price doesn’t matter.

    Need full christmas decoration n good music to enjoy.

  • Erlita Rahmawati

    Erlita Rahmawati

    16 November 2017

    Hello, me and my family will be in bali for Christmas. We are more looking at restaurant with buffet lunch or dinner. Any digestion?.

  • Luci Bestic

    Luci Bestic

    1 November 2017


    My boyfriend and I will be in Kuta for Christmas day. We are transferring to Nusa Lembongan later in the afternoon but would like to find a traditional (ish) Christmas lunch somewhere in Kuta. I need one that has a vegetarian option, could you help? we will be staying at the sunboutique hotel.

    Thank you

    • Balithisweek


      2 November 2017

      Hi Luci,
      You can check our “Items tags” on the right side of this page (or bottom part if you use smartphone) and click on the box labeled “Vegetarian”. It will take you to a list of all restaurants with Vegetarian option. You can choose the one closest to your hotel.
      Hope that helps.
      Thank you

  • Aniket bhogate

    Aniket bhogate

    21 September 2017

    I wanted to enquire about some medium budget place to party during new years in or near Seminyak .. I’ll be celebrating it with my other 4 friends ..

  • Thomas


    25 August 2017

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂

  • Jenny Lewis

    Jenny Lewis

    28 July 2017

    Spending Christmas in Bali, staying around seminyak.
    I’ve searched lots of places but don’t really know where to begin, any ideas?

    Thank you so much

    Jenny Lewis

  • Balithisweek


    18 April 2017

    Hello Gwenda,
    You can easily find great venue for group dinners on any occasion, around Oberoi area. You can check our listing in that area by clicking on this link.

  • Gwenda Williams

    Gwenda Williams

    11 April 2017

    Enquiry about booking for lunch on Christmas Day 2017
    We will have a family group of 6 people for lunch in Christmas Day.
    Can you suggest any venues in the Seminyak area?
    Yours sincerely
    Gwenda Williams

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