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Please stop dumping female dogs and pups

Bali Province’s Department of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health (Disnakeswan) says people need to cut it out with dumping female dogs in the streets, if we are to have any success with stopping the spread of rabies. All too often, female puppies are thrown out like trash on the island, and so the cycle of sad unwanted puppies continues, as those puppies

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Dengue outbreak suspected in Nusa Dua area

Patients being treated for dengue in Nusa Dua area hospitals are reportedly up. One such hospital in Jimbaran, RS UNUD has apparently seen the amount of patients spike up. According to the Director General of Operations at the hospital, Dr. Made Ayu Haryanti, the hospital is at 90 percent capacity for DB (dengue) patients. Looking back, the amount of DB

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Smartphone app can cure blindness

In 2012, London eye surgeon Dr. Andrew Bastawrous gave up his job and comfortable life in London, sold everything he and his family owned, and moved with his wife and one-year old baby to Kenya to start 100 temporary eye clinics. His idea -- turning a smartphone into an eye examination tool -- was already a couple years in the making. Prior travels abroad to

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