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archive-title Tag Archives: law and justice

Tag Archives: law and justice

Mirna killed by professional

A forensic expert has claimed that Wayan Mirna Solihin was murdered by a professional killer, or at least not by someone completely untrained, and therefore the killer was unlikely sitting at her same table when she sipped from her allegedly cyanide poisoned coffee. Reza Indragiri Amriel, a forensic lecturer at the Police Staff College (PTIK), […]

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Deadly gang riot breaks out at Bali’s Kerobokan prison

BALI jail authorities have moved swiftly to quell further unrest at Kerobokan prison, moving more than 100 prisoners to other jails after a riot between warring gangs left four people dead, including two prisoners. Last night 100 prisoners were shipped out to jails across Bali, including to a new narcotics prison. And Bali police questioned […]

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Setya Novanto’s case should remain true: Setara

Parties and officials investigating a case involving PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) and House of Representatives Speaker Setya Novanto should keep their integrity intact by committing to revealing nothing but the truth, the Setara Institute stated on Thursday. Setara chairman Hendardi said the case indicated a conspiracy leading to gratification. “It shows that House Speaker Setya […]

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